Request to distribute article 轉發扎西卓瑪仁波且拜見旺扎上尊的紀實

Request to distribute article 轉發扎西卓瑪仁波且拜見旺扎上尊的紀實

The International Buddhism Sangha Association:

I was most fortunate to have a chance to pay my respects to the noble Wang Zha Shang Zun and receive a most wonderful teaching from him. Because of his great compassion and mercy in giving me his wisdom concerning an important dharma matter, I now have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the dharma that I practice and my cultivation. I would like to share this truth with others. I have already distributed the attached article that I wrote about this event to the readers of the Holy Vajrasana Temple’s Newsletter and to my students whom I could reach by email or WeChat. I would like to request that IBSA further distribute the attached to their extensive mailing list so that even more people can share the good news and benefit and let more people know the greatness and inconceivable virtue of Wang Zha Shang Zun. Of course, I am not capable of using words to express the supremacy of  H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III , who is both  Wang Zha Shang Zun’s  and my master.

The most holy  Wang Zha Shang Zun  is truly great. His profound wisdom, humility, and kindness serve as an example for us all! Amitabha!

Many blessings to all for the coming New Year, Zhaxi Zhuoma.


我特別幸運地得到了一個拜見高貴的 旺扎上尊 的機會並受到他的極好的教導,由於他在關於一個重要的法事上給予我他的智慧時的大悲和憐憫,我現在對我修持的佛法有了更深的理解和感激。我想把這事實與他人分享,我已經把我寫的關於此事的文章(見附件)發給我能用電子郵件和微信聯繫的金剛寶座寺通訊的讀者們和我的學生們。我想要請求國際佛教僧尼總會將附件進一步用其範圍更廣泛的通訊錄發佈以使更多人能分享這好消息和獲益並讓更多人知道旺扎上尊的偉大和不可思議的德品。當然,我的能力不足以用言詞來表達 旺扎上尊 和我的師父南無 第三世多杰羌佛 的至高無上。

極其偉大的 旺扎上尊 真是了不起,他的深奧的智慧、謙遜和善良為我們所有人作出了榜樣! 阿彌陀佛




This February Newsletter of the Holy Vajrasana Temple & Retreat Center is devoted entirely to Abbot Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche’s personal opportunity to pay respect to  Wang Zha Shang Zun  after she participated in the Jin Gang Fa Man Ze Jue Dharma Assembly and the precious dharma that she received as a result of that meeting. Because of its importance to both Chinese and English-speaking disciples, this Newsletter will be provided in both English and Chinese.

To my disciples and other friends of the Xuanfa Institute:

Since the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) article recently appeared concerning the September Jin Gang Fa Man Ze Jue Dharma Assembly, many of you have asked me what the most excellent and greatholy  Wang Zha Shang Zun is like. In addition to successfully conducting this amazing and very high level ceremony to determine who was and who was not an authentic incarnation of a Buddha, he is a most impressive and powerful elder man who is worthy of our respect. I have met many dharma kings of different sects, but no one is like  Wang Zha Shang Zun . His power and virtue surpass all of them.

After the ceremony, I had the extreme good fortune to meet an attendant of his who speaks English and requested to prostrate to the Shang Zun, which to my surprise, was granted. It is very difficult to meet him. The Assistant told me that, to date, probably less than 100 persons in the U.S. have had the good fortune to meet him privately. The attendant took me to the place where this great mahasattva was staying. I was very excited to be able to see him again.  Wang Zha Shang Zun  mostly speaks Tibetan, but I am told he can also speak Mandarin Chinese. His voice was as I had remembered from the ceremony. Seeing him up close, I realize that he is probably over six feet tall and in excellent health. I had guessed that he must be at least sixty as I knew he had spent 45 years in seclusion in Tibet, but from his appearance guessed he could be even younger. His attendant told me that Shang Zun had already turned 93. He is very spirited and looked like and had the energy and bearing of a much younger man. As for his appearance, he has a most remarkable full beard, large kind eyes, bushy eyebrows, a rectangular face, and is bald. I was reminded of images of Bodhidharma, the “barbarian” with such a beard and eyebrows who went to China from India, only  Wang Zha Shang Zun  is considerably more handsome than the great patriarch of Zen is usually portrayed to be. However, what is most impressive is his incredible modesty and humility. This is what it is like to be in the presence of a great holy being!

I had wanted to meet him to express my gratitude for the empowerment I received at the Jin Gang Fa Man Ze Jue Dharma Assembly, but also just to show my respect because I knew that only someone of very high attainment could have performed that dharma. When I offered him prostrations, he would always tell me to prostrate instead to  H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III . His attendant told me that this holder of three gold buttons at a Shang Zun level always carried an image of the Buddha Master with him and did this. When he went back to his living space, the first thing he would do was to put  H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s image and Shakyamuni Buddha’s image in a high place and make offerings to them. I again prostrated, but it was just as before. Wang Zha said, “The Buddha Master is here. You should prostrate to the Buddha Master. How can I accept your prostrations?” The other dharma kings I have met always accepted and even arrogantly awaited my prostrations while silently seating on their throne.  Wang Zha Shang Zun  is certainly the top chief great dharma king among all dharma kings, but he is still so humble. I was very touched. Again I realized how very, very fortunate I am.

 Wang Zha Shang Zun  is very easy to communicate with and very amiable. Every sentence he says with a smile. He also provided me with hot tea having his assistant serve me using traditional China teacups. I accepted the teacup and put it aside on the table. Wang Zha then told me that “the quality of this tea is not very good. It comes from Tibet and is called Old Eagle Tea”. However, the fragrance of the tea, was so wonderful that it betrayed his humble portrayal. I requested from  Wang Zha Shang Zun  how to practice the Green Tara Mirror Altar Dharma (Jing Tan Fa). The Shang Zun said, “First you have to have a good mirror. Then you get the dharma transmitted through holy inner tantric initiation. The most important thing is that you should practice according to the Buddha Master’s teachings, and let all people know that they should do good and cease evil. It is then very easy to succeed with this dharma. But you should decide by yourself if you want to practice this dharma. The Buddha Master proposed that we should cultivate ourselves and opposed the miraculous. I am not telling you to practice this Green Tara Altar Dharma.”

The time flew by so quickly. My mouth was dry and I realized I needed to drink the tea, but when I lifted the cup, the cup is so heavy it is as if it were glued to the table. I couldn’t move it even when I exerted a lot of force. I was so surprised. I put that cup on the table. How can I now not lift it? This time  Wang Zha Shang Zun  saw what was happening and told me, “It is no use to use force. Force cannot lift it. You have to use your mind to lift it. When your mind is not attached to anything, everything will follow your mind.” Then  Wang Zha Shang Zun  asked me to lift it again. Very strange. It was as if it was weightless. I easily lifted it and also when I opened the cover of the cup, there is a moving image like a video in the cover. I clearly saw a picture of one of my fellow brothers from the past and a moment when I was in Japan. It was very clear, but it quickly started to disappear. I was really surprised. I used my eyes to follow the cover. After a while it completely disappeared. Then Shang Zun said. “Any object can be used as a mirror.” So I suddenly understood why my mind and my cultivation are so important and cannot be replaced by anything else.

I pray that each of you take advantage of this most fortunate fact that the  H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha  is living in this world now and practice the Dharma that you learn. I also pray that you all quickly become accomplished.

Namo  H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha  III ! Namo Shakyamuni Buddha!

A very ashamed and fortunate disciple, Zhaxi Zhuoma prostrates and offers special thanks to Wang Zha Shang Zun for teaching her this important lesson.

這份金剛寶座寺及閉關中心的二月份通訊全部用來記載本寺主持扎西卓瑪仁波且在她參加金剛法曼擇決法會後親自拜見 旺扎上尊 的機會以及她在拜見時得到的珍貴的佛法,由於內容對講中文和講英文的弟子們都十分重要,這份通訊同時以英文和中文發表。


從最近聯合國際世界佛教總部關於九月份舉行的金剛法曼擇決法會的文章問世以來,你們中的許多人向我問到最優秀的大聖者 旺扎上尊 的情況,除了成功地舉行這場了不起和非常高級的決定誰是和誰不是佛陀的真身轉世的儀式外,他是一位值得我們尊敬的非常有威儀和威力的長者。 我遇見過許多不同宗派的法王,但沒有一個是像 旺扎上尊 那樣的,他的功夫和品德超過他們的所有人。

在儀式後,我極其幸運地遇見他的一位講英語的侍者而要求向上尊請示並出乎我意料地得到准許。要見到他是非常難的,侍者告訴我至當時為止在美國有如此幸運而個別見到他的人可能不到100位。這位侍者把我帶到這位大摩訶薩所在的地方,能再次見到他使我非常激動。 旺扎上尊 大部份講藏語,但我被告知他也會講漢語的普通話,他的嗓音是我記得在儀式上所聽到的。在近距離見到他,我發現他身高超過6英尺,非常健康。因為我知道他曾在西藏閉關45年,我曾經猜想他至少有60歲,但從他的相貌猜想的話,他可能更年輕。他的侍者告訴我上尊已經93歲了,他非常精神而且看上去像一位年輕得多的人和具有與那相符的年齡的能量和氣宇。至於他的相貌,他有一部非常引人注目的鬍鬚、充滿善意的大眼睛、濃密的眉毛、長方臉型和禿頂,使我聯想到那位從印度到中國的具有這樣的鬍鬚和眉毛的“野蠻人”菩提達摩的形象,唯一的分別是 旺扎上尊 比通常描述中的那位禪宗的大祖師英俊得多。然而, 令人印象最深刻的是他的令人難以置信的虛心和謙遜,這是一位大聖者所在的情形!

我要求見他是為了表達對我在 金剛法曼擇決 受到的加持的感激,並表示我的尊敬,因為我知道只有非常高的成就者才能修那部法。在我向他頂禮時,他總是讓我不要向他而是向 第三世多杰羌佛 頂禮。他的侍者告訴我這位金釦三段的上尊總是帶着他的佛陀師父的法像並總是這麼做,每當他回到住處時,他做的第一件事是把 第三世多杰羌佛釋迦牟尼佛 的法像放到高處並上供。我再次頂禮,但情況還是如前。旺扎說:“佛陀師父在這裡,你應該向佛陀師父頂禮,我怎麼能接受你的頂禮呢?”我遇見的其他法王總是接受甚至坐在法臺上一言不發傲慢地等待我的頂禮, 旺扎上尊 肯定是所有法王中的頂尖首席大法王,但他還是如此謙虛。我受到了非常大的觸動,也再次體會到我是多麼、多麼地幸運。

 旺扎上尊 是非常容易與其溝通的也十分和藹可親,說每一句話時都帶著微笑,他也為我準備了熱茶並讓他的侍者用傳統的中國茶杯為我倒茶,我接過茶杯放在桌子邊上。然後 旺扎上尊 告訴我“茶的品質不太好,是西藏的,叫老鷹茶。”但茶的非常芬芳的香味卻以事實背叛了他的謙遜的描述。我向 旺扎上尊 請示如何修 綠度母鏡壇法 ,上尊說:“首先你要有一面好的鏡子,然後要受到聖義內密灌頂而被傳法,但最重要的是你要按照佛陀師父的教法而修,並讓所有人知道他們應該行善止惡,如果這樣的話這部法是非常容易修成的。但你自己要決定你是否要修這部法,佛陀師父提倡我們修自己的行並反對搞神奇的事跡,我不是讓你來修這部綠度母鏡壇法的人。”

時間過得非常快,我感到口乾而覺得要喝那杯茶,當我要拿起杯子時,杯子重得好像被膠粘在桌子上一樣。我用了很大的力還無法移動它,十分吃驚,杯子是我放在桌子上的,怎麼我現在拿不起了?這時 旺扎上尊 見狀對我說:“用力是沒有用的,力量不能拿起它,你一定要用你的心去拿。當你的心不執著於任何事時,任何東西都會隨你的心行動。”然後 旺扎上尊 讓我再拿一次,非常奇怪,它好像沒有重量一樣,我很容易地拿起了它,而且當我揭開茶杯的蓋子時,蓋子裡有一個好像是錄像一樣的動畫,并清楚地看到了我過去的一位師兄的圖像和我曾在日本的一刻它非常清楚,但很快開始消失。我實在太驚奇了,並用眼睛盯著蓋子看,過了一會它完全消失了。上尊說:“任何東西都能當作一面鏡子用。”於是我突然理解到我的心、我的修行為什麼是那麼重要而不能被任何東西所代替。

我祈禱你們每人都充分利用 第三世多杰羌佛 現在住在這世界這一最幸運的事實並修習你們學的法,我也祈禱你們都快速得到成就。

 南無 第三世多杰羌佛 !南無 釋迦牟尼佛

非常慚愧和幸運的弟子扎西卓瑪頂禮感謝 旺扎上尊 給我上的這重要的一課。

#第三世多杰羌佛 #DorjeChangBuddhaIII #旺扎上尊 #阿彌陀佛



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